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Why commission a scale model?


Scale models give the beholder a very clear idea of proportions. The viewing angle and distance is in complete control of the spectator. There are no tricks with lens angle, blind corners or limitations. This will give anyone who sees a scale model an instant sense of trust.


There are very few things that have the same impact than seeing a miniature version of our world. While it evokes a feeling of playfulness and excitement, at the same time it gives a sense that the project is a step closer to realization. The tangible quality of a scale model never fails to impress.


Whether a scale model is standing in the middle of your showroom or on a display table in your office, it is always on display. People don’t have to walk up to see it from the right angle or put on VR glasses to see it. Without doubt a scale model will attract people for a closer look.


What else are renderings and VR experiences than a flat expression of a three dimensional experience. A good scale model allows for professional photography and full interaction. With a bit of planning it can truly be an all encompassing solution.



  • Assembly
  • Preproduction
  • Detailing
  • Shipping

SKELETON ASSEMBLY  After all has been cut out and organized we start the assembly of your model. Walls come together and the main shape of the building(s) is starting to show. If the model is at a large scale basic textures can also be seen in this phase.

BASE COLORS  After the skeleton has been assembled our craftsmen commence to spray on the base colors of the model. This is a fine art and we usually go through several samples and trials before the final swatches are approved. We have sprayed melanges for brick, texture for sandstone, shiny metal, rough weathered concrete, and smooth marble for surfaces that look like you could skate on them.

ANALYSIS – After a project gets approved we analyse the drawings for completeness and discrepancies. Once we are clear on what needs to be done and what information still needs to be gathered we inform the client and start the drafting process.

DRAFTING & CUTTING – In the drafting process we simplify the drawings and create shapes that can be cut out and assembled. After these have been neatly organized they are sent to the machine room where walls, window frames and roofing are precision cut with out CNC and laser machines.

MODEL/BASE CONNECTION – At this point we’ll put the model together with the floor plate: the layout of the surroundings. Now you can see the model in context and this often triggers an aha-moment where things come together.

ADDING OF DETAILS – From here we start adding details that make the model feel finished: window frames, glazing, railing, doors, chimneys, lighting, cars, trees, flowers and of course little figures. As the model comes slowly to life clients usually express they can’t wait to receive the model. A sign that another dream has been made tangible.

PACKING – The packing is something we have extensive experience in. Sturdy wooden crates, safe distance between the model and the box walls and a dust blanket make sure that all models arrive safely with our clients.

SHIPPING – After the model has been picked up by the courier service we will send you the tracking number. As soon as in 3 – 4 days the model will be hand delivered to your doorstep!


With a boutique workshop located in Shanghai and a team of international and experienced project leaders, AMOD has been an established name in scale models for over 11 years. We create with passion, we craft with precision and we connect continents.


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